The Rescue Party Analysis

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This week I am choosing to write about what I think the point of "Rescue Party" is and also what Clarke might have been saying about the human race. I think one of the main points that I took away from this story is that the human race thinks that they are the only life form in the Universe. I would also say that this means the author was trying to say that humans are closed minded and only believe in saving themselves, because the end of the story the Captain talks about how determined the humans were to escape and survive so that the aliens do need to "be nice" when they do eventually encounter one another. This is a very different tone from the beginning of the story when the aliens arrived on Earth to rescue the humans. The aliens portray "us" as unintelligent beings and that we had some sort of handicap because we only have 2 eyes, and 2 arms, they actually wondered how we even were able to survive like…show more content…
It 's clear at the end that they felt stupid about saying all those negative things. I have to say that I agree to some point, most people only think about themselves and only saving themselves and their own loved ones in times of tragedy. It 's hard to believe that if something like this were to happen, that we would even waste our time saving a stranger let alone a whole planet of aliens. I guess this goes to say that the alien "Rescue Party" has more concern for saving other races and putting their own selves in danger. I can name 10 people off the top of my head that wouldn 't even help a neighbor if something like this were to happen. Thanks "Rescue Party", I appreciate the effort in trying to save our
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