The Responsibility Of Brutus In Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar

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Julius Caesar is the man responsible for the success of Rome. He devoted his life to providing to the Roman citizens, and his murder caused great grief, dismal, and remorse in the people of Rome. Brutus did nothing more than betray his closest friend due to his own lack of confidence and ability. We must not honor the coward who eradicated Caesar, for there was no issue in our leader’s methods. Brutus has unjustly assassinated the man who fought his whole life for us, gave his own money to us in his will, and ultimately believed the Roman society to be a part of his own family. We should not erect a statue in remembrance of Brutus, for he is nothing more than a ruthless killer whose actions have simply caused pain and grief to Rome. Brutus claimed that the manslaughter was moral for it was helping Rome in the long run,…show more content…
After Antony spoke at the funeral of Julius Caesar, the crowd became “enraged that this generous man lies dead” and the people referred to Brutus and Cassius as “traitors,” as William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar plot summary states (3). The last words spoken by Caesar were “Et tu, Brute?” meaning, you too Brute (Act three scene one)? The final thing Julius saw before his demise was his best friend stabbing him, the ultimate show of betrayal. Not only did Brutus let his own lack of confidence get into his own mind, but it caused for him to mercilessly plan the murder of his closest friend. There is nothing decent or heroic in the acts he bestowed upon Rome, for they were merely just self-pity inflicted, and the consequences eventually led to his own death and downfall. Brutus is not even remotely worthy, nor valiant, and most definitely not worthy of a statue honoring his name. His actions could be labeled as weak and cowardly and past the Ides of March, nothing regarding Marcus Brutus was noble, and especially not worthy of extreme public

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