The Responsibility Of Juliet's Downfall In Romeo And Juliet

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In “Romeo and Juliet”, both of the children are, to an extent, responsible for their own downfall.

Romeo, the handsome, intelligent and sensitive young boy, makes very careless and quick decisions before thinking them through. For example, in the beginning of the play, Romeo, without considering the consequences and knowing that Tybalt would be there, uninvitedly attended the party at the house of Capulet's. This was a silly thing for Romeo to do. The Capulet's already don’t get along, yet Romeo didn’t think before he attended. Romeo also acts very impulsively when he meets Juliet and many other times throughout the play. He has only known her for a few days and asks her to marry him. Keep in mind that they are still, barely teenagers. A few short days later, Tybalt kills Mercutio and Romeo is quick to retaliate. Then we have Juliet, the beautiful, loyal and emotional young girl
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Juliet is young, as is Romeo, and she makes some very reckless decisions. When Juliet decides she will accept Romeo's proposal and marry him, she is still unsure of his love for her.- “If that thy bent of love be honorable, thy propose marriage, send me word tomorrow” (2.2.142-144). Juliet didn't even know if Romeo loved her back, she was just relying on the time and place and hoping he would be there. As the play progresses, Juliet does some other things that are irresponsible and reckless. When Romeo is banished, after Tybalt's death, Juliet is then told that she is to marry Paris. Juliet then goes to Friar Laurence with a knife to herself, and expects him to rectify the situation. “unless thou tell me how I may prevent it. If in thy wisdom thou canst give no help, do thou, but call my resolution wise and with this knife I'll help it presently.(4.1.51-54). Juliet is saying that if Friar Laurence does not influence the outcome of Romeo and Juliet being together, she will kill
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