The Responsibility Of The Lovers In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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The heart-warming tale of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare has been known for centuries because of its strong ability to draw the audience’s attention. This wonderful tragedy begins with two lovers, Romeo Montague, and Juliet Capulet. However, there is an underlying family feud among their families which create several complications along their journey. As Romeo and Juliet’s love advances through the week, it strengthens their passion towards one another. The conflicting families suspend the lover from loving harmoniously. As the story unwinds, the audience witnesses the obstacles the lovers undergo to be together. When Juliet receives advice for how to live happily with Romeo, she jumps at the opportunity and uses the Friar’s plan…show more content…
Within the first couple of lines a Capulet named Sampson says, “I will push / Montague’s men from the wall, and thrust his maids to the / wall” (1.5.15-17). This exemplifies the significance of the feud and how it relates to the lovers. The irrationality of the situation causes the observers to be so compelled and fascinated to cogitate the possible consequences of Romeo and Juliet’s predicament. In the following act, Romeo begins to concede his love for Juliet in the infamous balcony scene. Until this particular moment, Romeo is equivocal of her love for Rosaline and immediately admires Juliet from the moment they first meet. However, Shakespeare makes it undoubtedly implicit that “Romeo’s feelings have not been transformed, merely transferred to another person” (Seward). Therefore, Romeo’s love for Juliet is something completely different, and unique. Instead, Romeo and Juliet’s love sparked at their first glance. As a result, the romance perspective of Romeo and Juliet provides the audience with a story they enjoy. This shows how Shakespeare has an impressive understanding of what the audience is compelled
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