The Restless Dead: A Literary Analysis

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In the undead fiction, the characters can be divided into two major parts: the living characters and the undead characters. The main plots will develop through the interactions between these two parts. The interactions can help the reader to understand the theme. In the book “The Restless Dead”, there are different types of undead stories. The stories I’m going to analyze are Chris’s “The House and The Locket”, Marcus’s “The Heart of Another”, Bram’s “Dracula” and Annette’s “Kissing Dead Boys”. These stories express their themes through the interactions between living and undead characters.
The first story I will analyze is “The House and The Locket” written by Chris Wooding. This story is a Gothic ghost story, which uses the interaction between the narrator and his future family. The narrator went into an old house one day with his best friend, Henry. In this house, there are three doppelgangers: a ghostly woman, a
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This story tells a about how the narrator communicates with her heart donor through the heart. The narrator was transplanted a heart of a murdered dockworker. After the heart was transplanted, the narrator started to have weird dreams. She dreamed about how the heart was taken out form the body. There is “a knife slide into me, slitting the pericardium”(Sedgwick 80). Then she found out this dream is not about her, it’s about the heart donor. Later, she dreamed the heart donor did not die naturally; he was murdered (Sedgwick 84). Following the lead of heart, our narrator figured out the murderer was her tutor. The narrator and the dockworker interacted through the heart and the dreams. The heartbeat is the proof of alive. The spirit of undead is left in the heart and transplanted together. Thus this interaction delivered that the sin will be discovered one day. Those two stories are ghosts or unspecific undead readings; the analysis of the following parts will be about vampire
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