Restorative Justice System

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Restorative justice can be defined as a flexible and just approach by which apt reparation is made, for the harm committed, irrespective of the life situations, through a proper communication in adequate perspectives, between the victim and the offender, thereby preventing recidivism and re-establishing peace and harmony to the ultimate benefit of the society. In this particular context, we focus on the criminal justice systems. Restorative justice views crimes not only as a violation of laws but also as harm to the society and community. The core objective of restorative justice system is the safe and satisfied involvement of the victims who agreed to be involved in the process. The goals behind the design of this system include making offenders…show more content…
It then passes to the Anglo-Saxon days, in various forms as described in the Bible and in other history books, and later to the modern period. 1970s are considered to be a remarkable period when the base for modern system was laid in the form of legislations including that of European Union. In the present days, countries finding it inevitable in the developing judicial structure have developed innovative methods of restorative justice programs including victim offender mediation, community and family group conferencing, circle sentencing and reparative…show more content…
The target group of this program which most commonly practiced in the nations of South Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Lesotho, as well as in cities in Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Montana, are the group of people most affected by the crime. The essential condition for this program to be carried out is the admission of the crime by the offender. There is no compulsion so as to take part in it. If both the parities consented they will be brought together along with the key members of the support system. Then in their presence a discussion will take place on how they and others are harmed and how that harm might be repaired. The main goals of the system are as

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