The Retirement Gamble Analysis

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The Retirement Gamble
As it is stated in the documentary “America is facing a retirement crisis and the statistics are grim” in other words the future for America’s dream of retiring and having a future after a long period of work and wages is looking to be going downhill and the statistics are depressing. The video asserts that half of Americans today say they can’t afford to save for retirement and nearly one third of the population is next to having no retirement savings at all. This situation is highly oppressive and tragic because we, as individuals, are all going to get to that point, it’s not just the future of the ones that are more prompt to retiring soon, is the future of all of America including ourselves. In the video one young
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Mark Featherston a 54 year-old unemployed man says he just doesn’t see it, of living the American dream of having a house and being able to retire. Featherston demands “It’s not like in the 60s or 70s where people used to work for big companies and have a retirement plan. Nobody has a pension anymore.” Bob Wood, a 67 year-old semi-retired man says “the cost of living is going up, your food goes up, your water bill goes up...retirees are getting stressed because their savings are not producing…” Wood says he has enough money saved up for his retirement but he asserts that there are thousands of people who don’t and encounter themselves at poverty levels having to work until they just can’t do it anymore. I have seen situations like these near me, for example every time I go to the Walmart near my house there’s always old people working there, people that just don’t have enough money to retire and rest, they have to go out, risk getting into an accident or some sort of medical issue, with the purpose of making some money to survive with. Apparently, as of today the solution to all of this so called “Retirement Gamble” seems to be to find a financial advisor to see what assets and financial resources you may count with and see what retirement
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