The Return Of Martin Guerre Character Analysis

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Society thinks of someone’s identity as a stagnant object that is un-swayed by the environment around them. However, there are many factors that go into what someone’s identity is. The novel “The Return of Martin Guerre” by Natalie Zemon Davis, discusses how gender roles and identity can affect a person. Both topics, gender roles and personal identity, have individual issues as well as compound issues in today’s society. They exist on their own but additionally, they influence each other. The environment and people that surround a person can also influence who these people end up being. These issues are major topics in “The Return of Martin Guerre” and the story of Bertrande. Gender roles are something that people in today’s society struggle with greatly. There are so many people who are constantly trying to break gender roles or to have them heavily enforced. Depending on where in the country a person is located, gender roles can depict what you can and cannot do. Some companies still only hire men for higher positioned jobs because women “belong at home”. The wage gap is still a very real issue that many women struggle with. Some women do not have access to the opportunity of working. Some women are forced to be stay at home mom’s because their husbands or families think that women should just stay home and have children. These women do not have the “rank” in society to deserve higher paying jobs, or even equal pay. In society women are always “ranked” lower than the men

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