The Return Of Sherlock Holmes Analysis

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Title:The Return Of Sherlock Holmes Author:Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Published Year:1903-1904 General Description: In this story it’s all about the adventure of a popular Detective person His name is Mr Sherlock Holmes and he have a friend that he partners in every adventure that they investigate his name is Dr Watson. They solve many crime in London and other countries that they need their helps to solve every crime. “The Empty House”(CHAPTER I)–In this chapter opens with the death of Honourable Ronald Adair. Shelock Holmes tells Dr Watson his account of tangling with Professor Moriarty and explains his expectation that someone will attempt to murder him.…show more content…
Then weeks later She gets a letters from the United States and pictures of small dancing men start appearing everywhere around her.Mr Sherlock Holmes is brought in to get to the bottom of the pictures. From then on, things get worse until Holmes cracks the case…show more content…
They must do what they can to track him down. Holmes and Watson find more clues as to the kidnapping of a prep school student. When the clues point to James Wilder Holmes and Watson stop at nothing to catch him. Comments- “The Black Peter” (CHAPTER VI)A gruesome murder occurs in Forest Row and Police Inspector Stanley Hopkins asks Holmes for help. When Peter Carey’s (also called Black Peter) tobacco pouch is found at the scene of the crime, Holmes investigates and he solved the problem , that the killer of this crime was the old first mate , namely patrick cains. Cooments- “Charles Augustus Milverton” (CHAPTER VII)-When Milverton blackmails a Lady Eva , Mr Holmes is called to the case of the blackmailer’s . Then Mr Sherlock holems disguises himself as a plumber and goes undercover to catch the blackmailer. Comments “The Six Napoleon’s”(CHAPTER VIII)-Sherlock Holmes is called to investigate a case about a man who shatters busts of Napoleon. When a murder occurs, Holmes must work faster to solve the

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