The Rev.: Causes Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution (Rev.) was a bloody war, that caused many deaths, as well as freedom from the British. Thanks to the Rev. in America, it has impacted the world, and even American society, today. There was many conflicts that happened, between the Colonies and the British, before the war started. The three things that caused the most up roar are the Proclamation of 1763, taxation, and the Intolerable Act. Great Britain won the French and Indian War, but was in debt, after words. The British began to tax the colonies, to pay back the debt. The Proclamation happened after the French and Indian war, when the British got a lot of land west of the Appalachian Mountains. King George 111 didn’t want the colonist to go west of the mountains, since the land was reserved for the natives, he didn’t want conflict between the two. The fact that the colonist were already mad of having to pay taxes, and now weren 't allowed to use the land. They went west of the Appalachian Mountains anyway.…show more content…
The Stamp Act was a way to make colonist pay for a stamp on documents and other important papers. Like newspaper, and licenses, as well was other different type of papers. The colonies weren’t so keen about it and created the Stamp Act Congress. The Stamp Act Congress is when the elected represented the colonies gathered to discuss a unified protest taxes. They also stopped buying stamps, and even stamped paper. Townshend Act used the taxes to pay Colonial officers. The things that were taxed were paint, glass, lead, and tea. The colonies boycotted British goods. In order to stop buying British goods, a group of ladies, who were also known as the Daughters of Liberty, taught each other how to make
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