The Revenant

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The movie The Revenant, is about a man named Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) who was almost killed by a bear. This film is the realistic action of Glass living in the brutal cold, having little food, going through war, and becoming a skilled wilderness dweller. According to Steve Friedman in the article “The Real Story of ‘The Revenant’ is Far Weirder (and Bloodier) Than the Movie,” states “There is no evidence he had a Native American wife or girlfriend, or that he had a son by a Native American woman, or that he plunged off a cliff on a horse, or that he gutted and climbed into a dead horse to stay warm or for any other reason.” With this analysis the film benefits from a vastly wide story that may have not been true. In the spite of the effort…show more content…
There are vast amounts of evidence about the true story of The Revenant. In the article “Unbreakable Glass” the writer composed that the film was “based on Michael Punke’s 2002 book The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge” (11). The director Alejandro Gonzalez was inspired to direct a film based on this book means that the story was extremely important to American history entertainment based films. According to Ron Soodalter in the article “Hugh Glass, the True Story of The Revenant,” explains that the historical aspect of this film is “one of the most fantastic tales to emerge from the entire Westward Movement.” The reason Soodalter claimed this is because the film has a “fantastic” story line, but it does take away from the true story. In Michael Punke’s book The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge toward end of his book he wrote a “historical note” explaining and answering questions about the true historical events. One point that Punke acknowledges about the historical evidence is “The most comprehensive historical work on Glass was done by John Meyers Meyers in his entertaining biography The Saga of Hugh Glass” (253). John Meyers Meyers book is the true story of Hugh Glass according to Michael Punke. On the web page there is further evidence of Hugh Glass’s adventure (“Hugh Glass Map”). Described on this image of a map is where Glass traveled: This is a historical reference of The Revenant story because it shows the exact location that Glass traveled. The image comes from the Museum of the Mountain Man in Wyoming. Additionally, the historical preference can be found in the California Historical Society Quarterly. In the article it states the story of Hugh Glass in an old type of slang. According to the California Historical Society Quarterly one important event that Hugh Glass endured was “as there remained no hope of his recovery, the two resolved to leave him there to die alone in
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