The Revenant Film Analysis

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The Revenant is a novel by Michael Punke originally published in 2002. Punke’s story is one of history, and it has been previously adapted into a movie in 1971 titled, Man in the Wilderness. All media and book did not stick to the original historical figure of Hugh Glass. Most recent adaptation in 2015 by Alejandro G. Iñárritu. Despite the fact that the movie was made famous based on inaccuracy of the actual true story, it still presents wonderful cinematography. There are many strays from the true story of Glass and the factious character in Punke’s novel. To start with, the setting of the true story was not of mountainous landscapes, it was mostly flat terrain. The events occur in the summertime, but the movie depicts them in winter. Putting the true story aside and focussing on the novel and movie “in part adaption”, both were great for their own standards. In this sense I would like to categorize the book and movie with a historical fiction genre. Although I want to say the movie was better just because Leonardo Decaprio was in it. In my honest opinion, I don’t know why Decaprio won an Oscar for this movie rather than all the other amazing movies that he’s previously acted in, such as Titanic, or the Aviator. His acting is always great, but I think he won the Oscar for the sake of winning it, because it was due time. He was nominated many times before, but for some reason failed to win. Alas, he had to win something, or at least that’s what I think the Oscar people

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