The Revolt Of The Cockroach People Analysis

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In "The Revolt of the Cockroach People" by Oscar Acosta,The crime told place was separation within a religion mass only by the color on their skin. it was a story of the riot in 1969 on Christmas Eve at the St. Basil 's Catholic Church. It was the Chicano 's against the police force due to not allowing them to be a part of the televised mass, because the way they dress and by the color of their skin. Mr Brown Is also a lawyer and a Chicano, but was respected differently from high figures like Sergeant Armas “You’re Ok, Brown. Thing got out of control here tonight. Thank a lot.” (Acosta 316). Mr. Brown single-handedly watches friend get beat up within a church, watch them get arrested because all they wanted to do is be part of the mass.
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