The Revolt Of The Elephant Analysis

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In “The Revolt of the Elephants”, Ingrid E. Newkirk writes about the cruelty elephants go through just because humans use them as a source of entertainment. From an entertainment point of view, people do not think about what is actually done to the elephant physically and mentally because they only care about what they will see. “The Revolt of the Elephants” shows the reader the hardship we put one form of life through to give them self-awareness of what actually happens to another. Elephants are some of the best creatures of earth to have because they do not only care but remain loyal to one another. In the wild, “elephants are highly social beings; aunts babysit, mothers teach junior life skills such as how to use leaves and mud to ward off sunburn and insect bites, babies play together under watchful eyes, lovemaking is gentle and complex and elephant’s relatives mourn their dead” (485). Just in that one sentence, the reader can feel how genuinely true and loving the elephants are to one another. They don’t mean any harm because they have a happy life of being themselves and not worrying about being a toy to others. Elephants are not what the news claims them to be when a…show more content…
If you want to watch something entertaining, watch the people who can bend in half and like to stick swords down their throat. Humans have the obligation to protect animals from such treatments because we wouldn’t want to be treated like that. Just because they aren’t human doesn’t mean we ignore how they feel. Elephants are not a stuffed animal, they have nerves and they can feel the pain that is inflicted on them while being tortured and trained. Honestly, it is very sickening to read how people are more worried about the money than they are about the animals. People are
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