The Revolutionary War: The Battle Between Mexico And Mexico

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The first gunshot was expectedly unexpected. The U.S. knew how this confrontation would go down. War would break out and all the buried feelings about the Revolutionary War would be unearthed by the crack of a gun. Texas, after gaining their independence from Mexico, desired to be annexed by the U.S., however, this action was not accepted by congress until James Polk was elected in 1844. Polk sent 1,000 troops with John Slidell to try and bargain with Mexico for California. The Mexican government was angered that America would attempt to force them into selling their land and asked them to leave. Polk, upset because Mexico declined the offer, set up camps in Texas, however, Mexico still thought of Texas as their land so the establishment…show more content…
“Texas won their independence in 1836”(Roden 317). Texas needed to prove that they were independent from Mexico without dragging the U.S. into it. In the battle of the Alamo, many Americans helped, however, the war was not ours, so why should this war be any different (Roden 269)? In Polk 's message to Congress asking them to declare war on Mexico he states: “I had ordered an efficient military force to take a position between the Nueces river and the Rio del Norte. This had become necessary to meet a threatened invasion of Texas.” Mexico was invading Texas not the U.S. It doesn 't matter that Texas had been annexed, it was still their problem(Polk 325). We would have been happy to assist, similar to how we did at the Alamo; however, we should have not gone to war for Texas. Why did we go to war for Texas’s problems? Texas applied for annexation to the United State twice in a matter of nine years(Roden 317). If Texas really wanted to be part of our union, they would have negotiated with Mexico and made agreements so that they could join the United State and have us fight the war for them. The United States had no business intervening in this war and should have stayed out of it. Before becoming a part of America, Texas needed to straighten things out with…show more content…
Some people state that America was justified in going to war with Mexico because of manifest destiny; that it was God’s plan for America to spread to the Pacific Ocean. Depending on your belief system, this may be a valid reason. However, untrue intentions of war, provoking Mexico to start the war, and getting in between a war that should be between Mexico and Texas over rules the one valid reason, manifest destiny. Therefore the United States was not justified in going to war with
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