Turning Point Of The Revolutionary War

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The Revolutionary War The American Revolution was a period of anxiety and conflict between Great Britain and the American colonists. The fight for independence began as a riotous battle occurred at Lexington and Concord, located in Massachusetts. Surprisingly, the American colonists were prosperous in many of the battles during the time of war. The war had lasted for eight years, and officially ended when a treaty was signed by Great Britain. In turn, the Americans earned independence and a lot of rights that other countries did not have. The American colonists had a large defiance in their hands, due to the fact that the British were extremely robust. Whereas the British had a very successful army and won the majority of their wars, the…show more content…
The Battles of Lexington and Concord had led to the start of the Revolution. On April 19, 1775, a large number of British soldiers had planned to invade and steal important military weapons and equipment that were stored by the American colonists. In a few minutes time, the British troops had ran across a series of cannons, which was what they needed to abolish. Unfortunately, on their way to destroy these cannons, the British were confronted by the colonists, and forced to battle. A few troops from either side were killed or wounded, but the colonists remain victorious in this battle. The Battle of Trenton was one of the battles that was a major turning point in the result of the war. The American colonists were forced to move out of New York City and off to somewhere else. The British had reclaimed the city. On December 26, 1776, Washington had made a plan to attack, knowing it was Christmas. He knew the British would be celebrating by drinking loads of alcohol, which triggered them to get drunk. While intoxicated, the British couldn’t defend themselves which led to another victory for the colonists in this battle. The Battle of Saratoga was when France had officially established an alliance with the American colonists. Starting on September 19, 1777, British General John Burgoyne attacked the Americans at the location of Bemis Heights. Once again, his army was defeated and he had surrendered to the colonists ten
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