The Revolutionary War: The Cause Of The American Revolution

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When George III inherited the throne in 1760, he won many friends in America with his beliefs on virtue and religion. Shortly after his ascension, his ministers began implementing rules and regulations. What the ministers didn’t know is that the very preventative actions they put into place brought the complete opposite of what they wanted. These actions were put into place in the hope that Britain would win a war with Spain and establish authority in the colonies before they first surpassed them. The war caused Britain to gain increasing amounts of debt, a debt that was concerning and was quickly absorbing too much of the nation's economic resources. Britain sent a militia to protect the colonies in America but thought they should pay for that defense. When Britain began instituting various taxes, they neglected to put them to vote among the colonists. This neglect violated their rights as Englishmen. As time passed and Britain continued to pass these tax laws, an action referred to by the colonists as "taxation without representation", the colonies began protesting. The more they protested the more they were ignored.…show more content…
This of course is not what England wanted and their reaction was to declare a war with America! America entered the war with England in the American Revolutionary War. Although the first tax was ordered in 1765, war was not officially declared until 1775. In 1776, the colonies drafted the Declaration of Independence
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