The Revolutionary War: The Roles Of Women During The American Revolution

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While the American Revolution was long and suffering it carried a significance on each of the following groups differently (Schultz, K., 2013). While the war killed as many as 25,000, other deaths were caused from disease and the smallpox epidemic. The total amount of deaths that occurred during this time was around 70,000. The colonist were divided up between the ones that were loyal to the British crown, the rebels who rebelled against the crown and the one’s that were indifferent to either side which included many of the individuals living in the colonies (Pettinger, T., 2017). The war took the colonists away from their families and disrupted their daily lives for extended periods of time. However, the significance of the Revolution was as hard on the women that the men that left them behind. The women had the responsibility of running the household along with the responsibilities of those who had left for war. They were also involved in civil activities that helped with raising funds during the period of time. During the war many of the slaves fought for both sides of the revolution. Although the British offered freedom to the slaves for fighting after the war was over. However, many of the slaves were able to escape during the war and others died during the conflict. Last but not least is the native populations that were involved in the American Revolution as they were loyal to the British crown since they had proclaimed that …show more content…

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