Character Analysis: The Rez Sisters

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The Rez Sisters by Tomson Highway tells a story of a group of seven Native women that live on Wasaychigan Reserve. The play highlights the struggles and hardships faced by those who live in these settlements. The sisters also further shed light on the internal conflict and individual struggles that each of the characters face. THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BINGO seems to hold the solution to all The Rez Sisters problems and seems to be an escape from their personal demons. Each individual regards the winning of the bingo as an inexplicable end to all of her individual problems. The bingo signifies the fulfillment of hopes and dreams; it also serves as a point of unification for The Rez Sisters. THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BINGO seems to be a catalyst in bringing…show more content…
Before rumors spread and the confirmation of THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BINGO was brought about, the issue of in-fighting was present between the Rez sisters. The sisters put away their petty squabbles and unified as one with a goal to achieve the winnings of the bingo. Tensions between the seven were ever present before the news of the bingo. Annie Cook blamed her sister Marie-Adele for stealing her husband. Zhaboonigan was afraid of Emily Dictionary and When all the sisters gathered in the store, a verbal argument ensues but soon after the confirmation letter from Annie’s daughter about THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BINGO is read and the news is delivered to the rest of the sisters, they unite and rally around each other despite their differences to plan the trip and raise money for it. Even after embarking on the journey to Toronto to play THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BINGO, The Sisters were faced with various obstacles such as a flat tire but once again they rallied together to defeat the issue, each person playing an active role in the solution. The bingo brings the sisters closer in this way, allowing them to bond on a personal level and empathize with one another. Even after arriving at the Bingo game, the sisters maintained a unified front playing the bingo game together as a team. The Bingo game brought together all the sisters and helped them put aside all the tension and the history thereby concentrating their focus as a team to fulfill their individual dreams. The bingo in this way helped the Rez sisters strengthen the bonds in their relationships and helped them recognize that they were a family bound by

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