Theodore Roosevelt's Speech 'National Duties'

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Theodore Roosevelt’s speech “National Duties” calls for nationalism and unity, as it says that each individual must work hard and that individuals must work together. Furthermore, it works to motivate our nation by using two ideas – what a nation may leave behind and how a nation should conduct itself. The speech itself, although given while he was Vice President, accurately describes what his actions as president were, whether it be regarding nationalism, personal matters, or foreign diplomacy. His ideology of how a nation should act, seen in the phrase “speaking softly and carrying a big stick” works to motivate many, including our current military, because it focuses on civility backed with power. This idea of leadership style, combined with looking at what Theodore Roosevelt did during his presidency, is very similar to Trump’s way of leading our nation, although they came into office with different political experience. The speech is very much focused on nationalism and on foreign diplomacy, which foreshadows such focus throughout Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency. His clear nationalist emphasis is seen when he mentions that all citizens have a duty and all must work hard, which works to his advantage in getting the attention of the middle, working class and placing himself as a populist, since he says “our first duty is to our own people” (Roosevelt, 1905). By doing so, he quickly gained the attention of the media and the love of the public, which is what allowed him to win another term…show more content…
Roosevelt’s “big stick” ideology, which can lead a nation to greatness if handled correctly, can be seen throughout his foreign diplomacy, and although Trump has used a very similar approach, he speaks a bit louder and is more willing to use the
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