The Rhetorical Techniques Used In Winston Churchill's Speech

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When people hear the name of Winston Churchill, it instantly conjures up images of bravery, valor, and an unwavering commitment to his country. Many credit Churchill’s ability to deliver a moving speech as to why he was able to persuade a country to war. Churchill was not the only British leader able to move a country to war. Less known than Churchill, Queen Elizabeth had to rally her country to war in 1588 against the Spanish Armada coming to attack. As with Churchill, Queen Elizabeth also gave a speech in order to rally the masses. The difference, however, was the rhetorical devices used in these speeches. In Winston Churchill’s speech, he primarily uses emotional appeal to persuade the public. He does this by using a combination of logical fallacies and sensitive topics…show more content…
Throughout both of these incredibly motivating speeches, we see many similar aspects, such as logical fallacies and emotional subjects. Even though these speeches use many of the same rhetorical devices, overall, they are drastically different. Although different, we see that that they both succeeded in uniting a country to defend itself against an enemy. Of these two speeches, despite the massive successes of both, I believe that Winston Churchill’s speech was the more motivating of the two. This conclusion is drawn from the fact that Churchill’s speech was given only three short days after taking the position of Prime Minister. Without a reputation such as Queen Elizabeth, Churchill had the seemingly insurmountable responsibility of convincing a still recovering country from World War I to go back to war. Therefore, I believe Churchill’s speech was more motivational despite the odds against
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