The Rice Mother Short Story

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SETTINGS The contrast in setting that I would like to discuss is the settings in the beginning of the stories. The novel “The Rice Mother” started off with the place Lakshmi was born in a Hindu Ceylonese family, the cultural practice when they enter a jungle, the history of Lakshmi’s mother and grandmother on how Lakshmi’s family was formed, and the practice done by Hindus when a girl reaches her puberty. About the social settings, there are two kinds of culture practices by the Hindus are being portrayed Rani Manicka. The first is spirit exorcism done by the Hindu Ceylonese since before 1916’s, before Lakshmi was born. “He wore many chains of strangely twisted beads and dried roots around his neck,……”(from page 1, second paragraph till page 2, third paragraph). Besides that, another cultural setting is the way girls are treated when they reach puberty first time girl. During that time, girls are left in the room to avoid boys to catch the secret charms of the girls, the food provided like sweets and raw eggs. “For the first week I was shut up in a small room with the windows nailed shut…..”(page 9, last…show more content…
In “The Rice Mother”, Lakshmi’s mother was deaf when she was born. Since her grandfather loved his daughter so much, he put his effort to make his daughter to talk. She Lakshmi’s mother was sixteen years old, a marriage proposal came to her and grandfather agreed. Unfortunately she was happy about it because she was with another man and ran away with him. “Stains of her betrayal” (page 5, second paragraph). In “Wide Sargasso Sea”, the betrayer is Tia who was Antoinette good friend found by Christophine to Antoinette. First they were good to each other, they play together, later they started have misunderstanding. Due to this, Tia stole Antoinette’s dress and money. “She had left me hers and I put it on at last and walked home …….hating her.”(page 9, 1-10th

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