The Rich Brother Character Analysis

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In the short story “The Rich Brother,” Pete and Donald are the two main characters that the plot follows. Pete is the older brother who is more accomplished and Donald is the younger, less financially proficient brother. Throughout the story the audience is exposed to both characters in various intense situations where each brother’s composure is shown. In many of these situations, Pete is the more of the hot tempered of the two as Donald seems to be more relaxed when stress arises. As the story progresses each brother exemplifies opposite sides of the spectrum of good and evil: Pete being evil and Donald being good. Taking the good versus evil ideal into religious terms, Donald is the more faithful brother. Donald is described as being devoted to the fate of his soul and being specifically religious at certain points as he “became a Christian… then joined a pentecostal community” (347). Also, Donald put others needs over his own. He worried about other’s souls rather than the upkeep of his own because he…show more content…
In one scene, Donald remembers a time where his brother physically harmed him. Pete repetitively punched Donalds stitches. In attempt to keep his brother from getting even more angry, Donald pretended to be asleep (352). From this situation, Pete shows his frustration and passion which examples his willingness to hurt another individual. On the other side, Donald is a very generous individual. This generosity is especially seen when Donald gives the whole farm’s groceries away to a foreign family, who did not speak english. Donald felt compelled to give the family the groceries, even though it meant they would have to go without (351). Also, Donald was more than willing to help Webster by giving him a ride, even though Pete was very much against it. “Pete still had it in his mind to brush him off…” (353). From this quote, the audience sees that Pete did not want to give Webster a
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