The Rich Brother

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Many people believe that to be rich one has to have money, but there are many different ways to be wealthy. Humans can be considered to be rich when they have money and objects that other people would also like to have. However, some people are rich with experiences, knowledge, or religion and do not have cars or homes of monetary value. This is the case with one of two brothers who are both rich but in different ways in the writing “The Rich Brother” by Tobias Wolff. Throughout the writing “The Rich Brother,” the speaker tells of two brothers who are very different in the way they live their lives. One brother named Pete had a wife and good job that has brought him money and a nice way of life. The other brother Donald, however, was poor,…show more content…
Not long after bring up what Pete tried to do to him as a child, Donald and his brother get into an argument that ends with Donald dropped off on the side of the road (335). Although lacking the money he needs for food and expenses, Donald seems more at peace with his life then his brother. The reader can see this peace when Donald has no place to go and no means to travel and he is still forgiving to his brother and tells him “I don’t blame you” and “God bless you” (335). These two sentences show the reader that Donald is a loving caring person who may not be the kind of rich that buys expensive things but he is rich in forgiveness and faith.
While it was Donalds idea to be left on the side of the road, most loving brothers would not abandon their brother on the road in the night. This shows to the reader that Pete seems to still be trying to get rid of his brother even though Donald forgave him for his wrong doings. Overall, the story “The Rich Brother” by Tobias Wolff shows the differences between the two brothers and the ways they are rich. Pete is an obvious kind of rich with money and objects while his brother Donald is a lesser known but greater kind of rich. Donald is wealth with his forgiveness, faith, and love he has for others and his brother. Throughout this story Donald helped others and showed the reader what is really important in
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