The Rich Get Richer And Poor Get Prison Essay

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What does Reiman mean in arguing that the current criminal justice system works to maintain a class of criminals? Do you agree or disagree that our corrections system fails to rehabilitate and fails to deter crime?

Today we live in a world where everyday around us crimes are being committed. The crimes are part of everyday 's life of society. People work in different positions, at different places with different working environment. There are such that work all day and night, twenty-four-seven just to earn some money in order to support their families. On the other side some people have much more money than needed to have more than sufficient life, and it seems like those people do not put as much effort as the poor ones to earn their incomes. From this inequality mainly comes the urge for criminal activity - people still, kill, rape which cause great hardship and sorrow to a large number of people in society. In his article sir Jeffrey H. Reiman show us who are these people and in what way justice is being done.
The article "The rich get richer and poor get prison" by Jeffrey Reiman depicts the unfairness for the poor people which is caused by the American
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No. They do it even often but the crimes that they do are not nearly comparable to the crimes which rich people commit. The crimes done by poor people are provoked by the few options for survival they have. The reason why poor people commit crimes is the illusion that this would help them to eliminate the problmes they deal with every single day. But what actually happens is that only more problems emerge. Many of the low and middle class people would do a crime to fulfill their temporary needs. Which is somehow justifiable I think. For example a homeless person would tend to commit a crime such as steal food or break or entry to find shelter. But after that he is being put in jail. And the higher class society is very well aware with

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