The Richard Chase Case

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Chase dragged her corpse into the bedroom slit her neck a few times and drank her blood. After the murder of Teresa Wallin FBI agents created a profile based on the evidence at the scene. They Determined that the fugitive was tall, malnourished, a loner, physically unclean, and the most important fact, they believed that he would kill again. A week after the mass murder Nancy Holden, Chase’s high school classmate who refused to give him a ride, told police that she believed that Chase could be the killer. The police looked into what they had in their system about Richard Chase, and they saw that he had registered a .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol that was linked to the spree of murders. With all the clues lining up the police headed to Chase’s…show more content…
In 1979 Chase was put on trial for six counts of murder. Chase’s defense, in an attempt to avoid the death penalty, tried to prove Chase guilty of second degree murder as this would only give him a life sentence. Their case depended on Chase’s lack of planning and previous history of mental illness, however the judge deemed Chase not legally insane. On May eighth Richard Chase was convicted of all six counts of murder in the first degree. While in prison Chase granted an interview where he spoke of Nazi UFOs and how he wished to capture them and have them convicted murder. Chase also believed that the prison guards were in cahoots with the Nazis and were trying to kill him. Chase’s inmates feared him so much that instead of attempting to kill him themselves they tried to convince him to kill himself. On December 26, 1989 Chase was found dead in his cell having overdosed on prescription medication that he saved up. Richard was abused by his father as a child which puts him in the category of murders being made by an abusive environment as a child which in turn leads to their troubled teenage years, and that leads to a violent
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