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“The Richest Man in Babylon”, is a book that has been written by a Mr. George Samuel Clason and was first published in 1926. The book tells of a man by the name of Arkad who started off as a labourer but was determined to improve his life and persevered until he was known as the richest man in Babylon. Arkad outlines and teaches the steps that should be taken in order to achieve optimum wealth and success in life. Arkad refers to his steps as “cures”. The first step for achieving wealth and success is ‘Start Thy Purse to Fattening’. Arkad suggests that for every ten coins you place in your purse, only remove nine and this will result in the beginning of a fattening purse and also the beginning of soul satisfaction. He adds that only removing…show more content…
He would go out and credit his goods at whatever store the merchants would allow it. When his creditors began to catch up with him, he then had to resort to borrowing from friends digging himself deeper in debt. All of this resulted in him losing his wife. After a while he became a camel trader and was able to begin paying off his debts. He also got his wife back. Overall, I enjoyed reading “The Richest Man in Babylon”. I found the book to be both an interesting and inspirational one. I found the book interesting because it was exciting to learn about the history of Babylon, something I never would have done had I not read this book. Also, I was intrigued by the way the book does an excellent job in making its content relatable by incorporating true short stories told by the ancient Babylonians. By having these stories as examples it was exciting to see Arkad’s opinion. I also enjoyed the fact that the book was written and published in old English. I found the book inspirational because it discloses the secrets to being both wealthy and successful. This book holds the key to all you desire and everything you would wish to accomplish in life. Although the book was written so long ago, the principles can still be instilled today. As an aspiring CFA, I learned quite a few things that I would need in my future

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