The Righteous Mind By Jonathan Haidt Analysis

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Morality is a difficult concept. What one person may think is acceptable another may think is wrong. I recently read the first chapter of “The Righteous Mind” by Jonathan Haidt and it has made me reflect on my personal moral compass. Morality helps sculpt our character, it depicts our rights from wrongs. Forgive but don’t forget, do no harm, and have courage are three of my big morals. Forgive but don’t forget is one of my morals because in life people have hurt me and I forgave them, that doesn’t mean I forgot what they did. If I had forgotten then that would mean the person would think it would be okay to do it again and think I would forgive them and forget again. For example after my parents had gotten a divorce my sister and I were treated poorly by my dad’s girlfriend. She would favorite her daughters and my brother. She gave them anything and everything they wanted. They got invited to all the events they had planned etc. She would apologize for not…show more content…
You can’t just apologize and think that it is going to make the “scar” go away. That person is always going to remember what you did to them. An example would be in middle school there was a girl in my class that was always bullied, finally one day I had enough this poor girl hadn’t done anything to deserve it and I stood up to all the people bullying her and told them that it wasn’t necessary and that they were just tearing her down to build themselves up. I needed courage to say this because no one really liked this girl and if I were to stand up for her I would make a lot of people mad but in the end it was worth standing up for her because she felt like she could trust me and help her stand up to those people. She ended up transferring schools but to this day when she sees the people who bullied her you can just tell she still has those scars and is hurt by what they
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