Pros And Cons Of Animals Essay

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Do you believe that animals can think and have their own emotions just like human beings? It is believed that all animals resemble human in their biological constitution (Beck, 2013). Since a long time, ancient people had a strong connection with animals through using them in hunting, transportation, guard, and providing their food resources. These days, people are witnessing a scientific revolution in various discoveries. In other words, scientists try to study and discover every new and strange fact in our world such as the unbelievable truths about animals. Actually, many people like to keep tamed animals for many reasons like using animals for scientific studies, performing particular tasks, gaining money, and for keeping them as pits in human’s houses to cover the blank in people’s life. Therefore, the unbelievable truths about animals will be clear piecemeal throughout the…show more content…
They insist to deny that animals have no emotion and all their behaviors are instinct. They believe that clever, memory, language, and measurement means are limited only for human’s mind. In addition, they may claim that animals cannot think and people cannot guide or control them. They may argue that the majority of animals hurt and do harms for humans. Nevertheless, there are a lots of researches work and studies that verify the contrast what they contend. In conclusion, animals are gift and blessing from God. His majesty created them with special structures of minds and distinctive properties. These structures and properties make animals important and cannot dispense with them in life. In addition, in the development countries there are numerous of laws that protect animals from persecution and violence except in the poor countries. However, there are plentiful examples and researches which verify that animals have ability to think, show that animals have emotions, and prove that animals can assist humans in their
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