The Rights Of Animals: The Side Effects Of Animal Testing

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Over 25 million animals are used for experimentation each year in the United States alone. These animals include dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, sheep, monkeys, and more (Neavs). Animal testing, animal experimentation, and animal research all refer to the experimentation carried out on animals. It is used to test the safety and effectiveness of products as well as understanding how the human body works (Murnaghan). It’s often used to test products as a safety precaution before they are released to the public. Although it can be useful to know the side effects of something before trying it on humans, we don’t consider the effects it can have on the animals, which are often extremely harmful and cruel. Scientists have become progressive in creating alternative methods to these experiments. Now, animal testing is nearly unnecessary because there are alternatives which are more efficient and harmless. The rights of animals is a topic that comes up frequently, but people often turn their cheek the other way when it comes to their possessions being a product of cruelty.
The experiments that animals in the testing world often go through can be described as borderline torture. And often, animals are bred specifically to be tested on. Animal testing is often used to test products such as cosmetics, drugs, food additives, supplements, household products, pesticides, and industrial chemicals (Murnaghan). These experiments let companies look at how much of a drug is absorbed into an
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