The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Literary Analysis

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In “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” it helps to show that you should not try to take advantage of life and mother nature. As the Mariner and his sailors sail through the sea, they are being guided by an Albatross. The Mariner thinks it’s a good idea to shoot and kill the Albatross. The death of the bird causes many bad situations for the mariner and his crew. As the story progresses you find out to see that it’s the ghost of life and mother nature working upon him. The story comes to show that you can not play with the creations of mother nature. If you do, it will always come back to haunt you just like it did to the Mariner. He is on his ship with his crew when a storm hits and gets them stuck in the south pole. They are stranded there…show more content…
They get the bird 's corpse and hang it around his neck so he can see what he has done. The mariner is not able to remove the corpse off of his neck. He is helpless and the shipmates are all against him thanks to the bad deed that he has done. The mariner is in desperate need of help to be able to remove the bird, but he finds no help whatsoever. He begins to see a ship and he thinks he is finally gonna receive some help. When he sees the ship his mouth is so parched that he cannot speak until he bites his arm and sucks his own blood. As they hear him scream for the ship the whole crew is filled with joy thinking they are going to all be rescued. It’s all going good as they realize that how can a ship be moving as there is not breeze blowing and without a tide. The mariner keeps on shouting, “Alas!” The ship nears and nears faster than anything they have seen before. When the ship passed the sun, its stark masts looked to imprison the sun. When the ship neared the mariner and his crew they could see that is was a ghost ship managed by death, with the form of a man. The Life-in-Death was in the form of a beautiful naked woman. They were gambling for the mariners soul as they rolled dice to see who would win the soul. The beautiful naked woman would come out victorious and would get his soul. The other sailors were there left to die all alone. As the ships began to leave the sky became black immediately after they left. All of the sailors cursed the Mariner with their eyes and all began to drop dead on the deck. Their souls began to zoom out of their bodies, each taunting the Mariner with a sound like that of his crossbow that he had shot the bird. Their corpses would refuse to rot; they stared at him unrelentingly, and cursed him with their
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