The Rise And Fall Of Hermes In Homer's Odyssey

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Using his winged shoes, Hermes traversed across the battle field at lightning speed. Watching as metal clashed against metal, Hermes grimaced as may lives were lost, their souls awaiting further guidance. The reclamation of the body of Hector, who the Trojan king Priam wanted back so desperately, was a difficult task as he also had to lead the souls of the fallen to Hades. The folly of humans existed everywhere, and to a neutral party such as Hermes, it was hard to mitigate the tension between the humans as well as the gods who took the sides of the Greeks or the Trojans all while obeying the word of Zeus. Achilles, who was supported by Athena, Poseidon, and Hera slew the Trojan’s greatest warrior so grotesquely that as a neutral party, it…show more content…
Though gods never got tired, it weighed on his heart that the quick witted and cunning Hermes finally was not able to worm out of a situation. Propping himself up on his arms, he rose to stand and walk to the front of the cave he was being kept in at the base of the mountain. After attempting to walk a few steps, a sharp click resounded from behind him, and his body jolted forward, cold metal meeting his skin. Looking back, Hermes saw the golden chains that led to his ankles and sighed as he remembered his constraints. “Perhaps Zeus will see his punishment was too harsh.” the young god mumbled. “This is dubious, considering he is making Athena watch over you,” a voice chimed behind him, catching Hermes by surprise. Turning to see the source of the voice, it was none other than Apollo. Continuing his speech, his half-brother wistfully looked to the mountain. “Though you proved smart enough when you killed my cattle when you were small—this time you take it too far. Even your minced words could not cover up the grave sin you’ve committed.” “I’d do it again if I could. I’m always up for a challenge.” Hermes vowed. Turning away from Apollo he sat once more, fiddling with the pick he had fashioned to release his

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