The Rise In Social Media In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Hyper-partisan environment involves having a two-party system such as in the UK and in the USA, where two major political parties will dominate government and will swing from one party to another between the two with little contribution of the other parties. As a result of the rise in social media since the 20th century, fake news has become more and more popular due to this, and has led to people posting up false and misinterpreted information. In this essay, I will firstly discuss what fake news is and what the problems of it are. Then, a discussion will be made comparing America to North Korea and the difference standards both have in regarding freedom of speech and freedom of press. Fake news is a dangerous tool to use as it portrays…show more content…
Russia during the time of the Tsar (Nichollas II), was seen as a country in which had no freedom of speech and freedom of press due to the result of censorship and control of propaganda done by Stalin. In the Novel, Napoleon represents Stalin who similarly idealised being in favour of power and gaining control. Stalin used control through the use of propaganda and using the secret police to rid anyone who was in his way. Napoleon uses power by changing Animal Farm back into Manor Farm, “Napoleon was only now known for the first time announcing it… the name Animal Farm had been abolished….the farm was to be known as ‘The Manor Farm- which he believed was the correct and original name”. Similar to North Korea, they too have no freedom of speech or freedom of press due to holding an information blockade which restricts the need for North Korean citizens to become distant from their beliefs taught to them. The media outlets are controlled in North Korea by their president Kim Jong-un, which suggests that there is no freedom of press whatsoever. Being able to travel in and out of the country, and having access to mobile devices are all strictly checked upon to ensure that all information is strictly from North Korea only. This means that everything is all monitored and controlled such as
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