The Rise Of Globalization In The 20th Century

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During Colonial era, power countries, (UK, USA, France, Germany, other EU countries), have drained their colonies (Africa, Asia, South America) of their resources to fuel up their development. This has led the great advancement of those countries in terms of technology, educational, health, and industrial, making them even more powerful and advanced. Towards late 1960’s most of the colonies have gained their independence. Meanwhile, the great power countries of the world need to carry on building their capital, through favorable trade agreements for cheap raw materials ( The rise of globalization was the answer to the ongoing demand of resources (Puig and Ohiocheoya). According to Guttal,“The term ‘globalization’ is used to describe a variety of economic, cultural, social, and political changes that have shaped the world over the past 50 years (Guttal). “One World, Many Peoples”, famous notation of globalization, led the continued development of the power countries, “creating new forms of colonial control in the so-called `post-colonial ' era” (Linstead and Banerjee). Since 1960, the majority of African countries are still living in a disastrous economic, political, and health condition, despite how rich their natural resources are. Those countries are under developed, politically corrupted, in deep foreign debt, and suffer from the worst diseases and plague ( The colonial countries of the past no longer need army and weapons to control the lives
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