Characteristics Of Industrialization

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The western European countries dominated in every stage of the growth of industrial revolution. Britain can be considered as the first industrialised nation. The economic history of Britain and the other nations talk about why industrialization Chose British states. What are the unique characteristics of Britain changed its economic methods. The industrialisation was not capitalism but,Industrial revolution is associated with the rise of capitalism.
Ellen Meiksins Wood challenges the taught history that the capitalism originated in cities in her book - Origin of Capitalism. Ellen Meiksins Wood says that capitalism is formed in the countryside; the idea of monetary improvement has risen in the countryside of British states during 16th century.
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Tremendous no.of slaves imported from Africa to british and transported to plantations. In between 17th and 18th century, Britain states engaged in triangular trade in company with France and America where they exchanged commodities made by slaves and slaves for profit. Later, slaves became an inevitable part of production process of the nation. The slave trade decreased the production cost and made new markets for England. Eric william in his book- Capitalism and slavery says that “ The triangular trade made an enormous contribution to Britain's industrial development.” New products such as Rum, Sugar, Cotton and Indigo made it’s own new markets. On the other hand, the availability of low cost and much productive workers compared to England workers boosted the production especially in Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol etc. The high availability of markets and increased production has uplifted the profit. The Englishman's structure and mentality of slaves gave confidence to Englishmen that the workers are never going to Unite and fight for freedom which encouraged englishmen to exploit them more. The high profit and its accumulation was the first stage of industrialization. The wealth of the people improved which uplifted even poor sailors into a wealthy businessmen and enlightened everyone’s knowledge. The rise of wealth along with triangular trade contributed to three…show more content…
But these facts doesn’t make a point tells that all other European countries were late in industrialization. The states from Portugal to Russia had also progress in industrialization as a result of their concentration in economic growth. Moreover Liege and Saxony regions were near to industrialization as much as in Britain, but their industries were small and complex. Hobsbawm says that technological advancements wasn’t a reason for the industrialization growth of English. France was much more advanced in technology and social science during the period. French Jacquard loom and good ships were some of the advancement of French. Hobsbawm says that “right condition” levelled the field for Britain states. Right conditions as elimination of customary rights, objectivity on profit and private land, increasing productivity, Adequate surplus, enhancement of market and changes in economic and production styles and generation of mechanism and technological improvements were the manure for the growth of industrialization in
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