The Rise Of Technology In The 21st Century Generation

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The rise of technology is effortlessly seen in the 21st century generation. It is widely used not only by the millennials but also the elderly. It has been a need for the people these days and already affects their lives making the technology as the present world. Present world in a sense that it becomes a cycle, a part of everyday life and being able to do everything in just a click in a span of seconds.
Technology already takes over the world for it already has everything in it including the convenience of people when it comes to getting new informations, being able to reach out to others, playing games, listening to music, reading books, sharing of experiences, taking pictures, texting and calling people, doing documents and powerpoint presentations, looking for videos, sending emails, online buying, mobile banking and sending messages to people who are far away. With the massive use of technology comes with the heavy need of electricity for it to function. Technology would not function properly if there is only a limited source of electricity. Unfortunately in some places, they do not have electricity as their source of light, power and charges that can be the cause of their incompetency when it comes to technology. According to Luo et al. (2014), electrical power era is significantly evolving over the world in view of the need of people to lessen ozone harming substance outflows and to present blended vitality sources. Additionally, awesome difficulties in
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