The Risks And Effects Of Smoking

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Every year more than 443,000 people die because of smoking. There are so many effects caused by smoking. Some of these affects affect our physical health in the long term and some have major effects on our daily lives. Many smokers do not really know the risks and effects of smoking on their daily life. By knowing the risks on a smokers’ life and how it can harm them badly, many smokers will try to quit. Some of the effects of smoking is getting addicted and having major health conditions, mess up financial health, and smoking has a huge effect on how smokers look.

First of all, smoking is addictive. It is very important o know the effect of smoking on the two most powerful parts of a human body. Starting with the brain, cigarettes contain nicotine which is highly addictive like heroin. When a person smokes cigarettes the brain creates nicotine receptors to absorb the high amount of nicotine that is coming from cigarettes. After having nicotine receptors in the brain its hard to quit. After that stage, when a person tries to quit they will get in the withdrawal phase where they need nicotine. The aftermath of this phase is experiencing worry, nervousness and a craving of nicotine with a feeling of unease. A heart keeps a person alive and smoking kills the heart by having multiple effects. A stressed heart is a major problem, smoking stresses the heart by raising blood pressure and stressing out the heart by making it work harder. By making the heart work harder, eventually

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