The Ritual Of Fast Food Analysis

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In Margaret Visser’s essay, “The Rituals of Fast Food”, she explains the reason why customers enjoy going to fast food restaurants and how it adapt to customer’s needs. Some examples of the most loyal fast-food customers are people seeking convenience, travelers, and people who are drug addicts. First, most loyal customers are people seeking convenience. The reason why fast food restaurants are convenient because longer hours of being open, the prices are good , etc. As Visser said in her essay, “Convenient, innocent simplicity is what the technology, the ruthless politics, and the elaborate organization serve to the customer” (131). A example of a fast food place with convenience is Steak ’n Shake. Steak ’n Shake is open twenty four…show more content…
Travelers who go places to visit family, or any other reason, gets hungry and would like to see a familar fast food restaurant they can go to everytime they travel. As Visser said “When a huge modern business conglomerate offers fast food to travelers on the highway, it knows that its customers are likely to desire No Surprises. They are hungry, tired, and not in a celebratory mood; they are happy to pay—provided that the price looks easily manageable—for the safely predictable, the convenient, the fast and ordinary”(129). The restaurant that is known for travelers to stop at when tired and hungry is McDonalds. You can find a McDonalds about anywhere you go in the world and its always fast service most of the time. According to the article At McDonald’s, a focus on speed, by Jonathan Maze 1, “Customers who order through the mobile app would need less time to make their orders at the drive-thru speaker. On its own, that could reduce drive-thru times’’. So if travelers in a rush , McDonalds have a app where you can order through the app and the food be ready by the time you get there. According to the article McDonald’s Brings McCafe Beverages to Store Shelves, by the States News Service, McDonalds is bringing McCafe beverages to store shelves in early 2018. So doing that will make it more faster for travelers. Last, most loyal customers are drug addicts. In Visser’s essay she states, “Fast-food operators have recently faced the…show more content…
So drug addicts definitely enjoy going to fast food restaurants. In Conclusion, some examples of the most loyal fast-food customers are people seeking convenience, travelers, and people who are drug addicts. A lot of people enjoy fast food for many other reasons and will always be convenient and reliable

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