The River Between Us Mama Analysis

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In the novel The River Between Us Mama is very affected by the war her baby boy Noah goes off to war and she doesn't know what to do without him.When Noah was gone at war Mama became very depressed. She told her daughter Tili to go and get her son and don’t come back without him. One day they brought a body back and Mama thought it was her precious son. Before she found out that it wa really her husband, she already committed suicide.Mama couldn't imagine her life without Noah and the thought that it was him in the casket she couldn't live with. Tilly was very scared when Mama told her to go get her brother. She didn’t know where to start or how she was even going to get him back, When she knew Delphine was going to go with her she was still scared, but felt a sense of comfort. Tilly knew the only way she could go home was…show more content…
Delphine decided she would go with Tilly to go get Noah. Once they got to their destination they could not believe how awful the soldiers were living. They were lying in their own feces with no supplies and no one to take care of them. Noah was the one to take care of the soldiers as much as he could being so sick himself. Delphine took initiative to help them. She became commit to helping the sick and injured.. Delphine loved Noah and just wanted him to make it home safe caring for him until till he was back on his feet. She stood by his side with all of his choices. The Men has such a different experience than the woman. The boys had no choice,but to go to war when they were 16 they had to live with knowing they were going to have to leave. They became proud of serving and knew what they had to do. Once they left they had to suffer with nothing they were dropping like flies before they even were able to go to war. They had no one to care for them no supplies to get them through, They had to go through every day wondering if the would make it into the next
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