The River Nile, The Longest River In The World

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Egyptian civilization Geography: The river Nile; it is the longest river in the world, 6,650 km. it flows through the middle of Africa and reaches till the Mediterranean Sea. When the Nile floods, it was a bless for humanity where it helped them to grow crops and also settle in villages. It has the boundaries with desert and a sea on the south, east, west and north. The Nile floods on specific timings which are from July to September which is mainly a result of the tropical rains from Ethiopia. The highest level the river Nile gets to is in October and the lowest is between April and June. When the Nile floods it enriches the land for cultivation and crop growing which is a good benefit for farmers. The transportation in the river Nile was used to join the country together and it continued until the nineteenth century. It helped in transportation of goods. Travelling during the flood season was easier compared to the dry season. However, travelling was only done during the day because of the shifting of the sand deposits in the river. The Nile’s current helped the Egyptians to move downriver, but they had to raise sails to capture the wind as they traveled upriver. Their boats were made of shallow hulls which could limit the chances of getting hung up in the shallow parts of the river. There were people who were called as cataracts, they were sets of impassable rapids which were situated in the south of Aswan, they used to force people to leave the

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