Character Analysis: The Road Back

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Geeta, though daughter of an Indian family but brought up in the American land strives for independence. But her grandfather who hailed to America only to be with his son always longs to go back to his native land India. Tilo tries to unite the grand daughter and the father and the grandfather who broke away from their ties when Geeta wishes to marry an American.
Jagjit, meaning the world conqurer, was a sikh boy who at the beginning of the novel,was a boy who holds the sare ends of his mother has been completely changed as spices started working against him. Tilo tries her best to restore him by the end of the novel. Tilo gives him money, to make him start life anew for which Jagjit says, "Tell her I 'm going to give it my best shot" (Divakaruni,
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Almost every story needs a moment to acknowledge the hero 's resolve to finish, and provide her with necessary motivation to return home with the elixir despite the temptations of the Special World and the trials that remain ahead. Tilo then tries to dispose of the commodities of the spice bazaar. In the second last night she asks the spices to give her such a beauty for one night in such a way that after spending with her he would never be with another woman without remembrance and regret. On the last day of sale she got plenty of money as nothing could be given free. As she grew young and beautiful because of the spices she introduces herself as the niece of the old woman . Meanwhile she gave the money to jagjit saying "use power, don 't be used by it” and advises him to go to kwesi to learn the martial arts with the money she gave. As she had no time and no other way she uses red chillies to cure Haroun. But changes her mind at the last minute and offers lotus root to hameeda for passionate love. She brings back the pack of red chillies without giving them to haroun but the spices ask her as they have been roused they must work their power and something must be destroyed. Though mistress sings the chant of propriation and asks to travel the path of forgiveness they reveal that as she had played without understanding the forces everything around her will be destroyed. She says, ' if destruction is a must then start with me, ' to which they reply it is not hate but their duty. Tilo then makes love to the American and their desire has been satisfied. Writing a note and placing it near the paste Tilo asks the American to drop her at her place and come back in the
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