Road Not Taken Diction

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The poem "The Road Not Taken" is about the journey of life in which one takes and is also considered one of Robert Frost 's most well known poems. Like many of Frost 's poems, the setting is surrounding a rural environment involving the conflict of making decisions in life and questioning them. The poem relies on a metaphor in which the adventures and choices through life are compared to a journey on a road. The speaker of the poem comes to a contemplating mindset when having to choose between the two roads that lay before him. Robert Frost interpreted most of the decisions individuals make in life within the language and diction used throughout the poem. Although the speaker does choose the road "less traveled by", he recognizes the impact…show more content…
The message of the poem- life changing decisions and obstacles isn 't exactly presented to the reader but rather hidden amongst the choice of words used to describe the intention of the text. There are two specific connotations present throughout the poem in which they bring an exciting relevance to the poem. Within the poem the "two words that diverged in a wood" (18) is more than just roads that is being described. The connotation of the road in the poem is a representation of the choice and journey in life in which one should take. Each road consists of different choices the speaker can make; each road will lead to a different outcome, events within a lifetime, or a questioning future. The speaker is not just making a decision between two roads based on which one is more straight, circular, or longer; but a road that will lead and guide him through life. Another important connotation is the actual choice of path the speaker or traveler decides to take. The speaker states that he "took the road less traveled by, / And it has made all the difference" (19-20). The connotation used is that the narrator made a choice in which most individuals would not. The speaker chose to do something different and out of the ordinary which resulted in a different life. Therefore the speaker is implicating that the decision he made has impacted his life in one aspect or
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