The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Analysis Essay

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Poetry is synonymous with art because it is when words are crafted in the most beautiful way. Poetry, like prose and drama, have specific mechanisms that allow readers to analyze the works true meaning. “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is about a man who reminisces about the choices he has taken, in hope to discuss his choice in the future. The speaker recalls walking in the wood until he finds himself facing two roads. He compares the two roads, but chooses the road that is least walked on. After walking through the road, he reminisces about of the two roads and ponders what would life have been if he had chosen the other road. However, he dismisses the idea and realizes that the choice he made is what matters. The road is symbolic in the poem because it illustrates the choices humans make. Similarly, the woods and the grass and signifies change and time. The stanza of the poem reflects the past, present and future of the speaker’s thoughts. The rhyme scheme ABAAB of the poem conveys the past and present comparison to the speaker mentally traveling back and forth. The nostalgic and reflective tone reinforce the pondering and reminiscing memories of the speaker’s life. Indeed, through the…show more content…
Frost poem through, symbolism, stanza formation, and tone allow the reader to ponder life’s deeper meanings put it is up to the reader to analyze closely. The contrast of supreme forces and human choices are conveyed through the use of symbolism. The stanza formation allows the reader visualize the thought process: past present and future. The rhyme scheme shows the human nature of living in the present but reflecting to the past. The nostalgic and reflective tone convey the lament of not choosing both roads. Thus, these literacy elements allows to exemplify that choices are significant but due to human nature there will be a little seed of curiosity to know the “what

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