The Road Not Taken Poem Analysis

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“And I- I took the one less traveled by” is a line from the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. This line best illustrates the deeper meaning. This poetry analysis is touching on a poem that is about a person that comes upon a fork in a road. Frost considers the two paths which are both equally tempting but is unsure which one to take. In the end, he decides to take the path that looks less traveled instead of the one that is well worn down. Within the poem there is symbolism, that two roads symbolize two decisions in one’s life and an irregular rhythm which stresses the important words. Furthermore there is a lesson that is to be learned about life decisions. The deeper meaning of this poem is that there are two decisions in your life, one will be easy and the other is more difficult, this is developed through the use of symbolism, rhythm, and theme development.…show more content…
The two roads symbolize that there are two decisions in people’s life that will come up and you should take the most difficult choice. “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry I could not travel both” (Frost 1-2) is a quote from the poem. Frost used this quote to establish that there are two roads which symbolizes the two choices that will come up in your life. However you cannot do both. You will have to choose between the two. The following quote “I took the one less traveled by” (Frost 19) establishes the meaning also. That you should try to take the strenuous decision, the one that no one really takes instead of the one that everyone chooses. The poet used this to also show that you do not have the follow the crowd but take a risk and choose what others do not. The symbolism of “The Road Not Taken” helps the meaning of the poem in the same way that the rhythm of the poem also helps the development of the
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