The Road Not Taken Turning Point Analysis

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Have you ever gone through a situation that has impacted your whole life? The three stories that show a turning point are Eleven, Hatchet, and The Road Not Taken. The three main people in my essay are Brian, Rachel, and the narrator in The Road Not Taken. All of these characters have gone through a turning point which has changed their lives. The next story, Hatchet, will tell us about a turning point that had made him motivated. In the story Hatchet, Brian’s plane crashes and he is alone in the wilderness. Then, Brian realizes he has a hatchet on his belt, which his mother gave him. The text tells me he got motivated by the hatchet because it says, “And on his belt, somehow still there the hatchet his mother has gave him.” (Paulson, 7). This tells me he was surprised when he remembered that his mom gave him the hatchet because he is able to use it now that he is in the wilderness by himself, which he never expected. The next story, Eleven, will talk about an embarrassing life-changing moment. In the story Eleven, Rachel gets embarrassed in front of her whole class when Mrs. Price [which is her teacher] forced her to put on a red sweater that was not hers. I know this because it says, “You put that sweater on right now, and no more nonsense.” Also another part when Rachel gets embarrassed is when it says, “That stupid…show more content…
The text tells me he is missing out on the other road because it says, “Yet knowing how way leads on to way” (Frost 57). Also it shows that it has impacted his life when it says, “I took the one less traveled, and that has made all the difference” (Frost 57). This tells me that he does not know what it is like on the other road, so he feels like he is missing out on the road he did not take. Since he only experienced one road, it has made a difference in his
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