Creative Writing: Running The Fast

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Long after the tortoise, and the Hare, the Hare still thought he could run the fastest. One morning the Hare woke up to a Road Runner coming to the town. Everyone was talking about the Road Runner. “We have never had any visitors before,” one citizen said. “I know!” another citizen said. The Hare walked up to him and said, “ I challenge you to a race,” thinking he could win.
The Hare expected something other than a “ Meep meep!” from the Road Runner. “ I will take that as a yes,” the Hare said confused, as he thought, “ I can’t lose this race.” “Who is going to win?” one citizen questioned. “ No one except for the tortious has ever beaten the Hare,” another citizen said. Suddenly, everyone was asking who would win.
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“ This will defiantly work! Third times a charm! On the day of the race, the Hare had been ready to win. “Ready to prove yourself the fastest?” Hare thought. “Yes!” But in the middle of the race, the wheels came off. “These skates were a rip-off!” Hare thought as he fell into a tree. “OWW!” After a week of resting, Hare still wanted to prove himself faster. “ I know! I will put rockets on the skates! I am unstoppable now!” he thought. But the Road Runner had some tricks up his sleeves. The Road Runner left a trail of carrots that led off a cliff. “ I am so excited to win!” Hare said with pride as the race started. “Are those carrots I smell?” Hare followed the trail of carrots and soon found himself falling off a cliff. “AAAAAA!” “ This time I will make a plan. I know! I will put up a sign that says detour that leads off a cliff,” Hare thought. “ That will work, that will have to work!” So he put up the sign at the track and made a path off the cliff. Hare also bought some bird seed. Hare made a trail of birdseed on the path. The Hare saw the Road Runner fall for it, but as he grew closer he noticed someone standing there. “Who is that?” Hare thought. “Is that the Road Runner? No, it can’t
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