The Road Sympathy

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The Road is a novel based on the world of the post apocalypse written by Cormac McCarthy. In the text, names are not assigned to any of the character besides Ely. He is the only role that attaches to a name, but it’s made up for approaching the man and the boy. Furthermore, the other group of people known as the roadagents, “bad guys”, which they steal, rape, and eat human-beings. Therefore, besides the man bringing his son to the South to seek for warmth during the winter, they are also preventing the “bad guys” from searching them in the places the man and the boy stayed for a long while. The boy often asks what if he dies what will the father do. The man responses that he will die with him; therefore, he can be with the boy. Throughout the …show more content…

The Road brings the idea of how the father and his son trying to survive and find a way to travel southward. The simple conversations between the man and the boy contains emotions that both of them are afraid of losing each other. Imagine the city we used to live in got burned down into scorched dirt and there is only one person that you can trust, this is The Road. Humanities appears only on the little boy that shows sympathy on everyone he met. For instance, when the thief came and stole their bags and cart the man tore down everything on him and left. Nonetheless, the boy hoped that his dad can leave at least the clothes to the thief. The son’s God image gave the man and the readers to find a bit of torch in the darkness endless world. Me, as the audience, seeks for something that I cannot experience in daily life. Through this book, readers can visualize the city and people who tries to create some governing gang that dominates the world such as the roadagents. These people are the “bad guys” who humiliates people by raping, killing, and eating them. Nevertheless, when it comes to the post apocalypse things where never be in our favor. Therefore, family will always be the one that helps us go through any obstacles. In conclusion, The Road is a novel that brings another perspective on the doomsday works. Since, rarely authors write about the lives

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