The Road Theme Essay

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To think I used to like the cold, and campfires were for roasting marshmallows. I cannot think of those times anymore, we have come too far. We have since turned to something incredibly different from marshmallows, but we have to survive somehow. However, the cost of living makes the fire look warm and inviting tonight. He looked around the camp they had set-up. They decided to stop in an open field. They had taken sleeping bags and some pillows out of their truck and arranged them in a circle. In the center of the circle, is where they built their fire. He watched his best friend, the man’s wife, their son, and his own child as they collected twigs and branches to feed the flames. This action of watching was peaceful and calming…show more content…
There was nothing holding them back now that the man with the tattoo is gone. They were determined to find another way to live without killing what was left of humanity. On their path, they found a lonely little boy. It was the little girl who insisted they help the boy, and the man would reluctantly comply. The novel, The Road, written by Cormac McCarthy, contains several motifs, including memory and the past, good and evil, love, and compassion. The story was based off these overlying themes. The scene where the man and the boy encounter another man, who they consider evil, was used to further these themes from another point of view. Furthermore, it was the vantage point of this man with the tattoo of a bird on his neck that was used to create the story. The scene begins with a memory of campfires and roasting marshmallows due to the theme of memory and the past. The man does not want to think of the past because, like the main character in the novel, thinking of the past may have negative effects. It reminds the characters of objects or concepts that no longer exist; they do not want to disturb these memories in any way, rather they want to preserve them. It is also critical for the characters to focus on survival. The next theme touched upon was the idea of good and evil, which was an extensive idea in the text. The men struggle in the text because they believe the other is evil. The question
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