The Road To Spentan Speech: Travel To Bhutan

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TRAVEL TO BHUTAN One thing you might not know is that Bhutan is a country. If you've realized that you deserve a real trip, the discovery you've wished to achieve. Strip your boots on coz Bhutan is like a discovery into a magical vortex frozen in time, a place in contrast to anywhere on the planet. Bhutan is located in Asia right above India, below China's Tibetan plataue, close to Nepal in the west but separated by India's Sikkim district. The capital is Thimphu, located in the north-west part of the country. Bhutan is divided into 20 districts or dzongkhags. Fancy visiting one of the exclusive destinations of the earth as it has breath-taking scenery, a strong national identity, a significantly unique culture, interesting history, and the opportunity for thought-provoking and…show more content…
Bhutan is a carbon sink nation that has negative carbon emissions. Bhutan has 60% of its land covered with forest(protected by constitutions), to ensure you to feel lush green nature. Bhutan received the "Earth Award" on March 7, 2018, from ITB (International Tourism Bourse) held in Berlin, Germany. Best amongst more than 100 best sustainable tourism destinations across the world. Bhutan's culture and tradition and fresh oxygen to breath will leave you asking for more. Bhutan's policy of “High Value and Low Impact” monitored by Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) makes a peaceful destination. Bhutan chooses happiness (GNH-Gross National Happiness) as the philosophy to guide the nation, over the favored idea of GDP(Gross Domestic Product). It includes an index which measures the collective happiness and well-being of the inhabitants. Bhutanese believe that development of human culture transpires when spiritual and progress occurs one subsequent to the other to assist and reinforce one another. Bhutan showcases the nation's harmonious culture of hospitality and vast religious

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