The Roaring 1920's

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In the Roaring 1920’s the automobile greatly impacted the standard way of living and the economy during this time period. Cars became very popular due to new model Ford cars which were cheap and quite fashionable, although only coming in the color black. Many things defined the 1920’s, however “Perhaps no invention affected American everyday life in the 20th century more than the automobile.”( 1) Other objects such as the radio, new clothing, and daring acts women took at the time also define the 1920’s. Without the automobile the great economic growth that marked the time period would have not been possible. With the economic growth from the automobile, the 1920’s can be defined by the pristine living condition. Regarding economics…show more content…
The wheels might pop, and driving through the woods is dangerous. Trees are everywhere, so to drive the cars there must be roads, highways, and Interstate roads and highways. The roads and highways made many jobs for people( 1). Additionally, with these roads and highways going between states makes an easy method of trading within the country. By having a safe and easy method of transportation roads and highways were built all over America. With the roads and highways built this results in many people buying cars because now they do not have to worry about their car taking damages from nature. For these cars built, Ford used the assembly line. Workers stood in place and assembled the parts as they went down a conveyor belt(Boyer 689). The people can now just drive their cars safely along the road only having to worry about other drivers. The Model T could not reach high speeds so, most accidents would not appear that dangerous. However due to the cars being unstable, it was quite easy for the airbag to come out and hit a face. Also, when a bump is hit the driver would fly and hit their head on the roof. This is because the front seats were where you would keep objects, similar to a trunk today. This meaning the front seat would flip up while you were driving, causing the driver to hit his head on the
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